Saturday, May 28, 2022


Jiroft University of Medical Sciences started its activities in the field of health education in Fatemi Charity (located in Pasdaran Boulevard) in 2012 by accepting associate degree students in environmental health, and in 2013, it upgraded this field to a bachelor's degree. In 2016, with the cooperation of university and faculty officials, two bachelor's degrees in public health and an oral health technician associate were launched, and subsequently, the University Development Council (relevant ministry) issued a license to establish the School of Health. The space next to the university headquarters (located in Shahed Square) was opened


The Faculty of Health of Jiroft University of Medical Sciences is one of the most prestigious faculties in the metropolitan area of 8 countries due to its hard-working and committed faculty members in the fields of education, research and professional ethics, as well as the necessary educational and laboratory equipment. In the field of training skilled, committed, creative, effective and efficient human resources in terms of executive and capable to continue education in postgraduate courses in continuous and discontinuous bachelor degrees required by the health system and seven cities in the south of Kerman province based on high human values and Islamic education should take action.


In line with the axes of the statement of the second step of the Islamic Revolution addressed by the Supreme Leader to the people of Iran and considering the model of a healthy human being, the center of sustainable development of all faculty and staff believe that considering the work framework It is moral and humane, with redoubled efforts and creativity and typology in the fields of education, research and culture to be able to gain the first to third rank among health schools in the eight regions of the country.