Saturday, May 28, 2022

Vice-chancellery for Research and Technology

Dr. Mahsa Taher Gorabi

Ph.D of environmental health


  • Duties:
  • Development of faculty research policies, according to the university research policy
  • Evaluating the research performance of faculty members and departments of the faculty in the field of science production
  • Coordinating authors and translators with the Vice Chancellor for Research to obtain a license to write and translate books
  • Reviewing and following up the activities of the Student Research Committee of the faculty in order to carry out the assigned activities
  • Study and suggest strategies to motivate and interest faculty members to activate medical research fields
  • Encourage intergroup research and provide the necessary facilities
  • Review and cooperation in holding seminars, congresses and research-based workshops in various fields related to the needs of students and faculty members
  • Continuous cooperation with the executive units of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology of the University to be informed about the bylaws and executive instructions
  • Preparing the annual report of the research activities of the faculty and presenting it to the Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology of the university