Saturday, May 28, 2022

Dean of Faculty of medicine 

Dr Fatemeh Sadat Mir Rashidi

MD, Pediatrician, sub-specialist pediatric endocrinology

Telephone number :03443318564

Email address :

  • Duties :
    • Supervise the proper implementation of approvals communicated by the president of the University
    • Establishing coordination in educational, research, cultural, administrative and financial affairs of the faculty
    • Supervising the proper execution of educational and research duties of the faculty members
    • Evaluate and coordinate all activities of the subordinate units of the faculty
    • Propose the annual budget of the faculty
    • Supervise the activities of the educational, research and other council in the faculty
    • Evaluate the annual activity of the faculty and report it to the president of the university
    • Examining the qualifications of the faculty deputies and commenting on them
    • Participate in councils, committees and meetings related to the relevant area of responsibility