Monday, June 27, 2022

Manager :

Dr Mohammad Ali-Hasanzadeh Koshkoei

PhD candidate in Immunology

Phone: +98-9304966335


  • Duties :
    • Implementing educational programs based on the policies announced by the Education Development Center of the University
    • Providing advice to the vice chancellor of the faculty to implement the faculty's educational programs and policies
    • Membership and active participation in the meetings of the educational council of the faculty
    • Cooperating with the members of the Clinical Education Development Office (EDO) in monitoring and supervising the performance and activities of the hospital education development unit
    • Submitting the performance report to the EDC of the university and the vice chancellor of the faculty
    • Monitoring, evaluating, introducing and publishing innovative programs at the faculty level
    • Empower and support faculty members to implement innovative programs with the support of EDC
    • Assessing the educational needs of the faculty members and submitting a report to the EDC
    • Empowering faculty members in various fields of medical education based on the results of needs assessment, policies and educational priorities of the faculty with the participation of EDC
    • Supervising, evaluating and analyzing the exams of the faculty
    • Implementing research projects in education based on the priorities of the faculty and EDC with the support of EDC
    • Establishing a student advisory committee at the faculty level