Saturday, May 28, 2022


The faculty of medicine in jiroft university of medical sciences was founded in 2009 in Fatemi endowment land with 26 students in general medicine ,and currently (2018) 250 students are studying at this faculty .The faculty has several laboratories including biochemistry, histology,  physiology, parasitology and mycology, bacteriology,  immunology and a dissection room. Two teaching hospitals (Imam Khomeini and ayatollah kashani hospitals) are currently operating under supervision of this faculty. Imam Khomeini medical-teaching center includes specialty clinics and the following wards: neurology, internal medicine, infectious diseases, surgery, heart diseases, pediatrics, dialysis, laparoscope – equipped surgery room, emergency, CCU, ICU, thalassemia infants’ room and NICU, radiology Para clinic wards, central laboratory, pathology laboratory, spiral CT scan, electroencephalography, echocardiography, mammography, pharmacy and lithotripsy machine.