Saturday, October 1, 2022

 School of Health History:

Jiroft University of Medical Sciences in 2012, with the admission of students in the field of environmental health, began his activity in the field of health education at the Fatemi Charitable Foundation (located in Pasdaran Blvd.), and in 2013, this course was continued to the undergraduate degree. Promoted In 2013, two bachelor's degrees in public health and oral health technician were also set up, and subsequently the Council for the Development of Universities (Ministry of Health) issued the license for the establishment of the School of Public Health, and this faculty, on June 2016, in the premises of the Central Headquarters of the University (Located in Shahed Square).

Currently Jiroft School of Public Health has four well-equipped laboratories (environmental chemistry, environment microbiology, waste and waste products and air pollution), two workshops (hydraulic, mapping and plotting), a study hall, a computer class, five classes Equipped with lessons and office spaces, and in the near future Will be a progress and development of this faculty in all areas (quantitative and qualitative increase in education and research, attracting new disciplines, attracting faculty members, developing physical education and research space).

Currently, 224 students are studying at the School of Public Health and 84 students have graduated from the Department of Environmental Health and Oral Health Technicians.